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Discovery Call Pro Training & Script

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Win over new clients BEFORE you deliver the proposal.

A word-for-word script with over 40 questions to help you navigate discovery calls, clearly capture your prospect's vision, and win their trust.

"Discovery Call Pro will help you check all the boxes to effectively communicate with, and lock in potential clients." - Jordan Sovis (Sovis Productions)


Here’s what’s inside the Discovery Pro template:


  • A Step-by-Step Questionnaire: The template is set up so that you can walk step-by-step through the discovery call, interviewing your client, while you capture their answers on your phone or laptop (laptop is preferred)!
  • A Script for Every Question: Every question has a script you can start using right away, or edit the questions to your own taste.
  • Pre-Meeting Checklist: This handy checklist ensures that you’re 100% ready for the discovery meeting (before the call starts).

MAKING THE CALL (6 Modules with over 40 questions!)

  • The Agenda
  • Project Profile
  • Target Audience
  • Company Profile
  • Aesthetics
  • Budget Range & Next Steps

Plus these Baked-In Bonuses:

  • Navigate the “Budget” Question Like a pro: Clients hardly ever reveal their budget. The template shows you how to use a budget range to check your client’s financial temperature.
  • Upserving Your Prospect: The discovery phase is the best time to add more value to the client (and more revenue for you!). In the last module, you're given the opportunity to upserve.
  • Using The Hero’s Journey to Define the Objective: Problems are easy to identify, but finding the source of those problems is extraordinarily difficult. Built into the template is the Hero’s Journey Framework, so we can collaborate with our client to give them an insight into the core of their customers’ problems.

Free Project Management Tool

What makes this template even more powerful is that fits into my pleasantly practical Notion Project Portal (A Designer's Project Management Dream Tool) that you get for FREE!

Here's the steps to take after the purchase:

  1. Download the Discovery Call Pro Quick Start PDF.
  2. Click the link to watch the Quick Start Video.
  3. Create a free Notion account (if you don't have one).
  4. Add the template (with free Project Portal) to your Notion Workspace
  5. Start leading your clients through discovery meetings like a Pro!


Which design niches will this work for?

  • This template was created to assist freelancers and agency directors of various web and print design disciplines to capture the clarity and scope of their prospect's vision to assist them in writing proposals and executing their designs with confidence.
  • Designers in specialized niches may desire to include additional questions related to their niche. If so, Notion is very easy to customize.

Will this work for virtual meetings, or just in-person?

  • Both. All you need for an in-person meeting is your laptop & internet access to open the Notion Template. For virtual meetings, just login with ZOOM (or another meeting platform), open the Discovery Pro Template and go!

Do I screen share the questions with my client?

  • No. Our suggestion for using the questionnaire is to keep it on your screen during the call, and work through the questions with your prospect in a normal, conversational fashion.

How difficult is it to integrate the Discovery Call Pro Template into this Project Portal?

  • Super easy! Once you purchase, you will be given a link to the template and videos that show you how to add the template to your project portal. We’ll walk you through each step.
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Discovery Call Pro Training & Script

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